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What wellness clients have to say…

  • “I am healthier because of you, Timaree, and I thank you for that!”

  • Timaree is the shining star of our wellness program!”

  • “She was such a fantastic speaker, we would love to have her back for ANY topic!”

  • “Timaree always gives us such a great presentation!”

  • “Excellent speaker, able to engage participants.”

  • “Awesome as usual!”

  • “We appreciate your knowledge, enthusiasm and encouragement.”

  • “She was very resourceful and knowledgeable, I want to attend another session of hers!”

  • “Her enthusiastic manner of speaking was very engaging, the time went by so quickly!”

  • “I found the presentation so helpful, I loved all of it!”

  • “Timaree is so encouraging, we can tell that she really cares about us.”

  • “She had so many great ideas for staying motivated to make healthy choices!”

  • “Timaree does such a good job helping us put practical tips into practice.”

  • “She was organized and very knowledgeable – a very good presenter!”

  • “I thought the entire presentation was useful and thought-provoking. I attended one of her presentations last year and I still think about suggestions she made. She is excellent.”

  • “Excellent presentation! The best wellness event that I have attended so far! Please have Timaree back!”

  • “I loved everything about the presentation, fabulous!”

  • “She is very passionate and her excitement is contagious!”

  • “I loved learning about her tips – I could listen to her all day!”

  • “Her explanations were clear and easy to understand, I learned so much.”

  • “I really loved watching her cooking demo. I learned a great deal!”

What my students have to say…

  • “I can’t explain how much of a big impact you made in my life.  I take my health very seriously now.  My friends all call me the ‘health freak’ now, but its a good thing!”

  • Every time I would have a temptation of eating fast food or not going to the gym, I would think about the things you taught us in class.  I hate feeling bad after eating junk food so I choose not to eat it all.”

  • “I recommend all my friends to take your class.  I want everyone to have a healthier lifestyle and I believe you’re the perfect person to teach them that.  All in all, I just wanted to remind you that you are great at what you do.”

  • “I just wanted to let you know that you are a great teacher and you changed my life. (seriously)”

  • “I loved this class so much! I didn’t want it to end! You love the topic and make it fun!”

  • “You’re a great professor and very passionate! It rubs off on others! Keep up the good work!”

  • “This is one of the best classes that I have taken in college. I know that I’m going to refer back to it when I say where and when I started to change my lifestyle and overall life decisions. Keep doing what you are doing, Mrs. Hagenburger. You impacted my life. Thank you!”

  • “Thank you for a great class that has been interesting, interactive and very useful in my life! Your effort has been seen and how you care about your students. Thank you!”

  • “This class has made more of an impact on my life than any other college course I have taken, and is one of the two classes that shape my view of the world and how I can help it (now with helping people with nutrition). This class has been the first step in my journey of health.”

  • “Hagenburger, you are a rockstar and my celebrity! I wish to someday be an RD and change people’s lives by helping them become healthier. I am spreading the word on everything I have learned to my family and friends.”

  • “My new lifestyle feels amazing and I thank you for being such a passionate and inspiring professor, you are the best!”

  • “This was the most helpful class that I have ever taken.”

  • “I recently found out my uncle has diabetes and it was scary, but since I learned about diabetes in your class, I am able to help my uncle with his food choices. Thank you for helping me help my family!”

  • “The class was amazing, I totally changed my diet and exercise habits, everyone needs to take it! Hagenburger is very well educated and passionate, and she brings the information to life.”

  • “This class was great and always interesting, from the moment I walked in on the first day!”

  • “You are an amazing role model! You are so enthusiastic about nutrition and fitness, it inspires me! You rock! :)”

  • “I think this class is essential for everyone to take. Professor Hagenburger was an exceptional teacher.”

  • “This class has added more value to my already healthy lifestyle. I have learned so much in that class that I have incorporated all of Professor Hagenburger’s lectures either into my own life or to others. Thanks for being a great professor!”

  • “This class was definitely helpful and Prof Hagenburger is an excellent professor. She made learning about nutrition easy and fun.”

  • “This class has been very beneficial for me and my family. I have lost 60 pounds this past year and this class helped me learn even more strategies to be healthier and maintain good eating habits. This class will impact the rest of my life and I can’t remember the last time I felt that way about a class.”

  • “This class has taught me the importance of food and activity choices on one’s well being and that you must cherish your body to acquire a better life in the future.”

  • “I truly enjoyed your class! All extremely “relate-able” to real-life practices and I began being much more conscious about what I eat, what I need and how I exercise. I now go to the gym 5 days a week, avoid fast food and soda at all costs and drink lots of water. I know what I am putting into my body and spread all of my nutrition knowledge to others. You’re an amazing professor, THANK YOU!”

  • “During this class, I lost 15 pounds and feel the best that I have ever felt in my life. I am now training for my first half marathon and hopefully work my way up to a full marathon. I cannot thank Professor Hagenburger enough for all that she has done for me.”