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Article: Chocolate brownie hummus can double as a dessert or snack


A delicious dessert that can double as a snack… protein, fiber and phytonutrients! Oh, my! Scary fact: The #1 source of calories in the American diet is desserts! Yikes! When I learned that statistic, and think about the heavily processed, empty calorie dessert foods most people are eating, my challenge became clear! I wanted to come ...

Recipe: Italian Seasoning Mix


Homemade Italian Seasoning This Italian Seasoning is wonderfully versatile, and can be adjusted to your taste preferences. Enjoy it to your pasta or pizza sauce, sprinkle it on sandwiches and in wraps, incorporate it into your salad dressings and soups, toss veggies with it before or after roasting or grilling, add it to steaming water for ...

Article: Beans are a good nutrition bet – Legumes offer more fiber and protein than any other veggie


Dear Timaree: Which vegetable offers the most protein? What about fiber? Timaree: Easy answer - LEGUMES! These "fruits grown in a pod", a.k.a. beans, split peas and lentils, offer more fiber and protein than any other vegetable and are the only foods which fit into two categories: vegetables and protein. I am not alone in the ...