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Fixing dinner (or dessert)… The Foodie Bar Way! – article from Lodi News Sentinel


By Maggie Creamer / News-Sentinel Staff Writer - Bea Ahbeck/Photographer When nutritionist Timaree Hagenburger sat down to work on her first cookbook, her mind wandered from seasonal, fresh California cuisine, to the rich flavors of Italian cooking to enjoying dessert for breakfast. Having written recipes since she was a child, Hagenburger has conquered many different cuisines while ...

Article: Frozen Treat with Traditional Flavors – Chocolate Horchata Nice Cream Recipe


As the temperatures spike above 100 degrees, how does a cool, sweet treat sound? This is a wonderful story and easy recipe from Mariah Chavez-Vasquez, one of my former nutrition students from Cosumnes River College, and exemplifies my mantra, “Love the Food That Loves You Back!” During my years in high school, I really became aware ...

Article: Try Triple Chocolate Mint Treats for a healthy alternative on Valentine’s Day


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, chocolate is on the minds of many! Cacao beans, from which chocolate is made, is one of the most nutrient packed plants on the planet, supplying a plethora of phytonutrients, fiber, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and whole host of vitamins and minerals!  The trick is to get the nutritional benefits of the cacao without ...