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Timaree’s in the kitchen with California Bountiful TV – Japanese Eggplant – A game-changer!


Don't let another day go by without Japanese Eggplant in your life! Learn how to choose these best of beauties and prepare a very simple recipe that will make your mouth water just thinking about it! It is so satisfying, that I opted to cook on my birthday, just so that I could enjoy it! ...

Eating fast food to save money? With three Ps, healthy meals can be cheaper and tastier!


We’re moving together throughout 2017, from “Excuse-itarians” to “Do-ers”! One down (last month’s article tackled the excuse, “No time to exercise”), and 11 to go! Today, we begin a two part piece to address an all too common excuse, “It is too expensive to eat well!”  This excuse is probably the most common that I ...

Lifelong dieting, a brain mass and plans for stomach surgery: mother and daughter unite to change their future


Jacelyn Alvarez is one of my current nutrition students with the courage to change the world, as she leads by example and has already made a profound impact on someone VERY important in her life! In Jacelyn’s words… "My mother and I are really close. Always have been and always will be. Throughout my entire life, ...