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Article: Beans are a good nutrition bet – Legumes offer more fiber and protein than any other veggie


Dear Timaree: Which vegetable offers the most protein? What about fiber? Timaree: Easy answer - LEGUMES! These "fruits grown in a pod", a.k.a. beans, split peas and lentils, offer more fiber and protein than any other vegetable and are the only foods which fit into two categories: vegetables and protein. I am not alone in the ...

Article: White rice vs brown rice… real difference?


Dear Timaree: "I grew up eating 'sticky' white rice and haven't really eaten much brown rice because it seems so 'dry'. I am cooking it wrong? What are the real differences between brown rice and white rice?" Although many of my college students grew up eating white rice and consider brown rice absolutely "foreign", both come ...

Article: Potatoes – Which are best?


Dear Timaree: "Aren't all potatoes basically this same when it comes to nutrition?" The short answer, "no"...! Since February is National Sweet Potato Month and National Heart Disease Awareness Month, I wanted to sing the praises of sweet potatoes, along with some delicious ways to incorporate them on a regular basis. When I first mentioned sweet potatoes ...