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It is really too hard to eat well while traveling?


Robin Withrow-Wong is a former student of mine who is currently earning a Master’s in Nutritional Science/Dietetics with the goal of becoming a registered dietitian. She is a mother of four “almost grown” children, and six years ago transitioned her family to plant-based whole foods.  She just returned from volunteering in Fiji, where she taught basic ...

Recipe: Melon Soup with Cantadew Melon (or Cantaloupe)


Here is another example of how I use my Mix-and-Match Melon Soup Master recipe for make a delicious soup with a Cantadew melon. It would be wonderful with any other orange fleshed melon, so enjoy experimenting! If you have a green fleshed melon, try this recipe! Ingredients A large cantaloupe (other orange fleshed melon) peeled and chopped ...