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Treat your body well during stressful travel – Snack to pack that will protect your cells!


While most of us associate radiation exposure with having CT scans or x-rays done at either medical or dental visits, unless someone has an accident when they are away, vacation and radiation don’t seem to go together. However, if you are flying the friendly skies, exposure to cosmic rays at very high altitudes can be ...

Article: Choose local melons for healthy, summer soup


Melons deliver a sweet treat, needed hydration and an array of nutrients! It is Saturday morning, the temperature is already heating up and friends are coming over in a few hours!  You need something refreshing to serve, quick to prepare and doesn't involve turning on your oven. How about a cool melon soup? You can keep ...

Article: Avocados – A true super food!


This month’s question comes from several guests who attended the Lodi Art and Culture’s Annual Open House a few weeks ago. I did a cooking demonstration and tasting to promote my hands-on nutrition classes offered in the summer and chose a recipe that showcased, among other superfoods, avocados. While the samples of my Cowboy Salad ...