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Recipe: Melon Soup with Cantadew Melon (or Cantaloupe)


Here is another example of how I use my Mix-and-Match Melon Soup Master recipe for make a delicious soup with a Cantadew melon. It would be wonderful with any other orange fleshed melon, so enjoy experimenting! If you have a green fleshed melon, try this recipe! Ingredients A large cantaloupe (other orange fleshed melon) peeled and chopped ...

Article: Choose local melons for healthy, summer soup


Melons deliver a sweet treat, needed hydration and an array of nutrients! It is Saturday morning, the temperature is already heating up and friends are coming over in a few hours!  You need something refreshing to serve, quick to prepare and doesn't involve turning on your oven. How about a cool melon soup? You can keep ...