Timaree interviewed on “It’s All About Food” with Caryn Hartglass


I recently had the honor of being interviewed live on “It’s All About Food” – a show on the Progressive Radio Network hosted by Caryn Hartglass. Caryn is a truly astounding woman, a stage 4 ovarian cancer survivor, vegan activist, accomplished musician and co-founder of a non-profit called REAL – Responsible Eating And Living. We had a wonderful conversation about health, hope, my students, the future and my book, The Foodie Bar Way. Her work is just phenomenal! Quoting from her website: “The solutions exist and are relatively simple to incorporate in our personal lives.  People need real information, real inspiration and the real tools to move forward.  That’s where Responsible Eating And Living comes in.  REAL offers entertaining, informative audio and video programming including food shows, talk shows and news features with experts in the fields of health, nutrition and the environment.” I hope that you enjoy listening as much I enjoyed connecting with Caryn!

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